Low-code development platforms (LCPD) are software development platforms on the Cloud, provided through a Platform-as a-Service model, which allow users to build completely operational applications by interacting through dynamic graphical user interfaces, visual diagrams and declarative languages.

Lowcomote will train a generation of experts that will upgrade the current trend of LCPDs to a new paradigm, Lowcode Engineering Platforms (LCEPs). LCEPs will be open, allowing to integrate heterogeneous engineering tools, interoperable, allowing for cross-platform engineering, scalable, supporting very large engineering models and social networks of developers, smart, simplifying the development for citizen developers by machine learning and recommendation techniques. This will be achieved by injecting in LCDPs the theoretical and technical framework defined by recent research in Model Driven Engineering (MDE), augmented with Cloud Computing and Machine Learning techniques. This is possible today thanks to recent breakthroughs in scalability of MDE performed in the research project MONDO, led by Lowcomote partners.


University of York
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Università Degli Studi Dell’Aquila
British Telecommunications
Uground Global
IncQuery Labs Research and Development Ltd

The 48-month Lowcomote project will train the first European generation of skilled professionals in LCEPs. The 15 future scientists will benefit from an original training and research programme merging competencies and knowledge from 4 highly recognised academic institutions and 9 large and small industries of several domains. Co-supervision from both sectors is a promising process to facilitate agility of our future professionals between the academic and industrial world.

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Contact: Manuel Wimmer, Alessandro Colantoni

Lowcomote-Training the Next Generation of Experts in Scalable Low-Code Engineering Platforms


M. Tisi, J. Mottu, D. Kolovos, J. de Lara, E. Guerra, D. Di Ruscio, A. Pierantonio, M. Wimmer: Lowcomote: Training the Next Generation of Experts in Scalable Low-Code Engineering Platforms, Conference of Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2019), July 15-19, Eindhoven, Netherland.
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