Research Spotlight

Software Architecture Knowledge Sharing with the Architecture Knowledge Base (AKB)

The Architecture Knowledge Base ( ) supports software architecture knowledge sharing based on architecture profiles and decision models. A video illustrating knowledge sharing in the AKB is available at .

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CDL MINT: Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Integrated Smart Production

The Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) Model-Integrated Smart Production (CDL-MINT) contributes to the foundations of software and systems modeling in general and in particular for smart Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS).

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Microservice Dashboard

A dashboard for microservice monitoring and management, which can be configured to stakeholder needs and which supports the integration of different backend systems.

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Variability Management in Software Product Lines

We report on a survey in which we analyzed 37 existing variability management tools identified using a systematic literature review to understand the tools’ characteristics, maturity, and the challenges in the field.

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Survey on Importance of Design Best Practices

When specifying the design of software, software engineers and architects – unintentionally or intentionally – follow design best practices. In order to identify practices that are considered to be important, a survey has been conducted.

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  • MODELS 24

    Prof. Wimmer, Institute of Business Informatics – Software Engineering and Prof. Egyed, Institute of Software Systems Engineering are organizing the ACM / IEEE 27th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2024), September 22-27, 2024, at the JKU Linz. MODELS’24

  • Renewed Accreditation for Business Informatics at the JKU

    The resulting seal of approval certifies that these academic degree programs are of high educational quality. These degree programs are the only internationally accredited university degree program in Business Informatics in Austria.

Department Overview

The Department of Business Informatics – Software Engineering was established in 1987 at the faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Johannes Kepler University Linz. The department sees its mission in research and education in both Business Informatics and Software Engineering. Both fields are seen as interdisciplinary areas that must integrate technical, business management and social science contents.

The department conducts both application-oriented and basic research. Our research methods pursue an engineering-scientific approach; this means development from the exemplary, design-oriented and descriptive on to the fundamental, abstract and explanatory – in other words, from practice to theory.

We conduct the major share of our research and development projects in cooperation with other university and non-university research facilities and with companies. An important aspect of the strategic orientation of the department is its international networking with university and non-university research facilities and with partner companies.

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