A. Garmendia: Design of Scalable Domain-specific modelling languages, Lowcomote Research Workshop, December 10, 2020 online event. abstract

The use of large models is increasingly common in Model-Driven Engineering, thus, modelling tools that provide scalability are necessary to handle complex systems. Such models are described using Domain Specific Modelling Languages (DSMLs). While the definition of DSMLs and their supporting environments are recurring activities in MDE, they are mostly developed ad-hoc from scratch. Our approach to this issue is based on patterns thar provide functionality to automatically generate environments that can be adapted to different scenarios. To enhance scalability, we have implemented a modularity pattern, in which models are not longer monolithic, but are divided into fragments. In order to generate graphical editors, it is proposed the use of heuristics to automate the generation of graphical modelling environment for them. Overall, we propose two Eclipse plug-in called EMF-Splitter and EMF-Stencil. The former, permits to define modularization mechanisms and the latter, provides heuristics to simplify the definition of DSMLs. From these definitions, it can be automatically synthesizes graphical scalable Sirius-based environment.

Design of Scalable Domain-specific modelling languages