Development of an innovative information- and communication system for students, lecturers and administrative staff at the campus of the University of Linz.


Currently available mobile location-based communication services enable their users to consume roughly categorized (and therefore often unmanageable) spatial information containing text, images, sound or video. However, the potentials of location-based services are far beyond, considering e.g. user-driven creation of information using sophisticated addressing and access concepts for avoiding information overflow (spam), time-trigged and context-sensitive perception of information, and – what we consider the most powerful enhancement for location-based services – automatically executing content (smartness) by spatial proximity of approaching users.


Smart Information Campus is supposed to integrate distributed information services available at the university campus to one central information system:

  • Combination of library system, mensa system, event management, student services, registration and exam system)
    Personalized representation for individual students, teachers, guests
    Location-based calendar: “Your next lesson is in room 17. Please, consider 5 minutes walk from your current position.”
  • Integration of existing extern systems (e.g. railway)
    “Where is my train/bus currently? Do I reach it in time if I start walking now or shall I take the next one?”


The Smart Information Campus System of the University of Linz provides anyone associated with the university (teaching staff, students, administrative personnel) a new, mobile campus information, collaboration and navigation platform. SIC offers the university community the possibility of publishing location-based information elements such as texts, images, sounds and videos or to procure these via (mobile) devices on location.



Contact: Wolfgang Narzt


Smart Information Campus (SIC)


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