W. Narzt, H. Schmitzberger: Near Field Sensing in Wireless LANs, 7th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, ICWMC 2011, Luxembourg, IARIA, ISBN: 978-1-61208-140-3, pp. 231.236, June 2011 (Best Paper Award!), Thinkmind Digital Library:icwmc_2011_11_10_20224.

Over the last decade a manifold of WLAN-based localization methods have evolved, whereupon most approaches focus on accurate location estimation and tracking using absolute coordinates. In this paper we propose a system prototype utilizing WLAN infrastructure for relative spatial determinations using discrete, unambiguously distinguishable zones. The prototype allows imitating near field communication (NFC) and beyond using conventional mobile devices not equipped with NFC hardware but a WLAN interface. We prove the functional correctness of our system in the course of a payment scenario at cash-desks, where customers are required to “show” their electronic store card at spatial proximity to their cashier without interferences from neighbors.

Near Field Sensing in Wireless LANs