This project is to explore methods, models and tools to explore new concepts of UI design.

The ongoing digitalization is continuing to transform our world in all areas of life. Simultaneously, the ever-increasing technological power entails the responsibility to help in mitigating the current global climate and environmental crisis while preserving human values. This results in digital challenges that cannot be addressed by focusing on a single digital enabler alone (such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)), but requires an integrated effort in AI, software, and upcoming emerging technologies such as quantum and neuromorphic computing – demanding cross-cutting and integrated research in all these domains. At the same time, the immanent requirements and upcoming standards and regulations for safety, security, energy-efficiency and ethical conformity need to be considered and ensured.

Software systems engineering to enable no-code and low-code approaches assisting both skilled and less-skilled engineers to handle the ever-increasing complexity and heterogeneity of the systems under consideration.

Duration 01/2023 – 12/2026

Funding Forschungsförderungs Gmbh, COMET, K1, 6. Ausschreibung COMET-Zentrum (K1),

Projectnumber FFG 4363494

Project Coordinator
Integrate Competence Center for Integrated and AI Systems
(Software Competence Center Hagenberg Gmbh)

Manuel Wimmer

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INTEGRATE – Competence for Integrate Software and AI Systems