Concepts and tools for enterprise information system architectures, especially for presentation-level Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and for versioning and governance of enterprise information systems based on Service-Oriented Software Architecture (SOA).


Enterprise information systems are typically long-living heterogeneous systems, which need to integrate different applications and technologies. Integration and evolution are thus two of the main challenges that need to be addressed when designing, planning, and maintaining such systems. This requires not only concepts and technologies for integration, but also concepts for versioning and deployment, and processes governing infrastructure development and evolution. The main aim of this project is the development of such concepts in the context of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the banking domain.


  • Development of concepts and tools for integrated workplace solutions
  • Development of concepts for versioning of enterprise services
  • Development of concepts and tools for governing the development of services in an Enterprise SOA


  • Component model and prototype implementation for creating personalized workplace solutions through presentation-level integration based on Web Portals
  • A versioning model for enterprise services, which allows parallel operation of different versions and which is integrated with a service development process that has also been developed as part of this project
  • Compatibility rules for the homogeneous evolution of enterprise services
  • Prototype implementation of the versioning model for WS-* services of an enterprise bus in the banking domain
  • A service lifecycle and information model governing the development and operation of services in an enterprise SOA
  • Prototype tools for service management based on the service information model and for supporting the service governance process


Contact: Rainer Weinreich

Software Architectures for Enterprise Information Systems


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