H. Prähofer, J. Sametinger, A. Stritzinger: Discrete Event Simulation using the JavaBeans Component Model, Proceedings of WEBSIM99, 1999 International Conference On Web-Based Modelling & Simulation, San Francisco, California, January 17 -20, 1999.

This paper reports on an effort to use both the system theoretic DEVS formalism and the JavaBeans component model as a basis for a component-based discrete event simulation framework. While the DEVS formalism can serve as a formal, mathematical base for modular, hierarchical discrete event modeling and simulation, the JavaBeans component model provides the appropriate implementation base. The result of the synergism of DEVS and JavaBeans is a powerful component-based simulation framework together with a set of flexible bean components for building simulation systems.
In this paper we try to give answers to several questions like whether the JavaBeans component model is suitable for the creation of such a component set and whether the available bean environments are powerful and flexible enough to serve as simulation tools. We will describe the DEVS formalism, the JavaBeans component model, the architecture of the SimBeans framework and component set, the problems we have encountered in developing SimBeans, problems we had with various builder tools, and experiences with the JavaBeans component model.

Keywords: JavaBeans, discrete event simulation, simulation components, simulation beans, DEVS formalism


Discrete Event Simulation using the JavaBeans Component Model