J. Sametinger, Web-based Workplace Health Promotion, eChallenges 2009, 21-23 October 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.

People’s activities are often monotonous over long periods of time, e.g., sitting at a desk and working with a computer. Together with an inactive lifestyle, this leads to muscle weakness, postural faults and movement dysfunction, thereby increasing the likelihood of musculoskeletal problems. Ever more young people are affected by such musculoskeletal problems. Strength and weight training can both prevent and remedy these problems.
We have implemented an interactive Web-based platform as a link between people who do such training and those who supervise them. Via the platform, trainers can efficiently supervise their clients and make sure that they correctly follow their training schedule. Exercising persons get supervision without the need to physically visit their trainers all the time, yet they can communicate with the trainer, get feedback, etc. The platform is now being used for workplace health promotion to increase the effectiveness and lower the costs for the participants and their employers.


Web-based Workplace Health Promotion