Christian Breu, Norbert Meckl, Johannes Sametinger: Web-based Project Management, Short paper, 3rd Intl. Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS), Linz, Austria, September 2001, published in Ibrahim I.K., Bressan S., Schwinger W. (eds.).

Communication among companies and between clients and companies has been revolutionized by the Internet. Many systems with holistic and individualized service, sales and marketing concepts are available today. Project management means the continuous and goal oriented planing, supervision and control of relevant project parameters and requires adequate communication mechanisms. In this paper we give an overview of basic communication concepts and present our approach of web-based project management which is based on these concepts and can be used for a variety of activities over the Internet. We have successfully used our approach for projects of a digital photography agency and a middle-class marketing agency.


Web-based Project Management