C. Lampasona, M. Kläs, R. Plösch: Variability and Tailoring Mechanisms for Quality Models, Fraunhofer IESE Report, no. 035.12/E, Kaiserslautern, Germany, July 2012.

The essence of the Quamoco project is to create a quality standard able to deal with the great diversity of software. This diversity hampers the establishment of an “all-purpose� software quality standard valid for all domains. In order to tackle this problem, Quamoco proposes the creation and maintenance of a domain-independent base quality model (QM) and of domain-specific QMs as a complement. In addition, the base QM is to be adapted according to specific quality needs. The purpose of this document is to identify the variabilities between QMs and their relevance, and to study existing adaptation mechanisms. This information is intended to provide a basis for identifying adaptation dimensions and developing the concrete adaptation process.

Variability and Tailoring Mechanisms for Quality Models