Location-based logistics fleet optimization system in cooperation with MAN Steyr and Logistikum FH Steyr (AGTIL-Project).

The improvement of supply chain event management in logistics domains utilizing new tracking and tracing technologies has been recognized as a key aspect for modern location- and context-based services. The benefit of knowing the live-position of delivered consignment is apparent for supplier and customer enabling them to carry out precise and concerted (pre-)calculations on the event chain with a supposed positive impact in terms of processing time and costs.

The project consortium envisions a mobile location-based compound logistics system for controlling and accelerating the unloading process of delivered consignment within yard borders.

MAN in Steyr recognizes 45.6 unproductive hours for all truck drivers on a day (i.e., they are waiting) and 50.7 hours for the unloading tasks (or: approx. 25 minutes at every site for each driver waiting and half an hour unloading), which reveals nearly half of the time spent waiting. Thus, the theoretical potential considering these figures is an average reduction of unloading times for the suppliers by half. Experimental examples have shown that a time improvement of 40% is reachable.

Funding National research project focusing on adaptive value creation by the means of the integration of technological, sociological and logistical issues.

2010 – 2011

Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences (Logistikum)
MAN Steyr

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