L. Burgueño, M. Wimmer, A. Vallecillo: Towards Tracking Guilty Transformation Rules, in Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on the Analysis of Model Transformations (AMT) @ MoDELS'12", Online Publication, 2012, pages 27-32. Doi: 10.1145/2432497.2432503

Several approaches for specifying the requirements for model transformations have been proposed. Most of them define constraints on source and target models as well as on the relationships between them. A major advantage of these approaches is their independence from transformation implementation languages and transformation implementations. However, when these constraints are used for testing, identifying the model transformation rules that violate the constraints is not possible. In this paper we present an approach for automatically aligning specifications of model transformations and their implementations. Matching functions establish these alignments based on the used metamodel elements in the constraints and rules. We present our first results and outline further use cases where an alignment between constraints and rules is beneficial.

Towards Tracking Guilty Transformation Rules