M. Fleck, J. Troya, M. Wimmer: Towards Generic Modularization Transformations, International Workshop Modularity in Modelling (MOMO 2016), in conjunction with MODULARITY, Malaga, Spain; 15.03.2016, in Proceedings of the International Workshop Modularity in Modelling, (2016), pages 1 - 5. 10.1145/2892664.2892698

Modularization concepts have been introduced in several modelinglanguages in order to tackle the problem that real-world modelsquickly become large monolithic artifacts. Having these conceptsat hand allows for structuring models during modeling activities.However, legacy models often lack a proper structure, and thus,still remain monolithic artifacts.In order to tackle this problem, we present in this paper a mod-ularization transformation which can be reused for several mod-eling languages by binding their concrete concepts to the genericones offered by the modularization transformation. This bindingis enough to reuse different modularization strategies provided bysearch-based model transformations. We demonstrate the applicability of the modularization approach for Ecore models.

Towards Generic Modularization Transformations