S. Wolny, M. Wimmer: Towards a Runtime Model for SysML, 10th International Workshop on Model-Based Product Development (MODPROD 2016), Linköping University; 02.-03.02.2016.

The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) provides a general modeling language to define discrete as well as continuous aspects of systems which is becoming a major requirement when developing cyber-physical systems. Several diagrams are provided by SysML to design systems from different viewpoints including structure and behavior. However, what is currently missing in SysML is a dedicated runtime viewpoint which allows to represent particular system states. This may be mainly a consequence of the lack of an explicit execution semantics for SysML. A similar shortcoming of UML is currently tackled with the emerging fUML standard which aims at improving these two aforementioned issues for the core of UML. However, as UML is traditionally used for discrete systems, it is an open research question how this contributes to SysML as it is an extension of UML.

In this presentation we will outline our current efforts in analyzing fUML and its application to SysML as well as how other standardization efforts such as the SysML to Modelica transformation may be combined with fUML to provide a dedicated runtime model for SysML. In addition, we will present and discuss how runtime models are currently reflected in SysML modeling tools to clarify the state-of-the-art as well as to determine which challenges still remain open.

Towards a Runtime Model for SysML