M. Amrani, J. Dingel, L. Lambers, L. Lucio, R. Salay, G. Selim, E. Syriani, M. Wimmer: Towards a Model Transformation Intent Catalog in: Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on the Analysis of Model Transformations (AMT) @ MoDELS'12, Online Publication, 2012, pages 1 - 6. pdf

We report on our ongoing effort to build a catalog of model transformation intents that describes common uses of model transformations in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) and the properties they must or may possess. We present a preliminary list of intents and common properties. One intent (transformation for analysis) is described in more detail and the description is used to identify transformations with the same intent in a case study on the use of MDE techniques for the development of control software for a power window.

Towards a Model Transformation Intent Catalog