A. Khandoker, S. Sint, G. Gessl, K. Zeman, F. Jungreitmayr, H. Wahl, A. Wenigwieser, R. Kretschmer: Towards a logical framework for ideal MBSE tool selection based on discipline specific requirements, in Journal of Systems and Software, March 2022. Doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2022.111306

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) has emerged with great potential to fulfil the non-linearly rising demand in interdisciplinary engineering, e.g., product development. However, the variety and complexity of MBSE tools pose difficulties in particular industrial applications. This paper tries to serve as a guideline to find the ideal tool for a specific industrial application as well as to highlight the key criteria that an industry might consider. For this purpose, we propose a logical framework for MBSE tool selection, which is based on market research, the approaches of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and decision matrix. As customers are at the centre of any product, accordingly the needs of MBSE tool users are addressed within this research as the fundamental starting point. Market research and extensive discussions with MBSE tool vendors and academia show the current situation of MBSE tools. To compare the performance of the considered tools, a set of user needs is defined. QFD is performed to analyse the user needs with respect to evaluable technical properties. Subsequently each tool performance is assessed using a decision matrix. Through this process, a well-defined functional structure of MBSE tools is sketched, and in order to identify the properties of an ideal tool, all the attributes of different MBSE tools are mapped to a common platform. For the purpose of evaluation, we apply our proposed logical framework to select an exemplary MBSE tool for interdisciplinary application.

Towards a logical framework for ideal MBSE tool selection based on discipline specific requirements