F. Ciccozzi, M. Famelis, G. Kappel, L. Lambers, S. Mosser, R. Paige, A. Pierantonio, A. Rensink, R. Salay, G. Taentzer, A. Vallecillo, M. Wimmer: Towards a Body of Knowledge for Model-Based Software Engineering, 14th Educators Symposium at MODELS, Copenhagen, Denmark; 15.10.2018; in: Proceedings of the 14th Educators Symposium at MODELS, CEUR (2018), pages 1 - 8. document

Model-based Software Engineering (MBSE) is now accepted as aSoftware Engineering (SE) discipline and is being taught as part ofmore general SE curricula. However, an agreed core of concepts,mechanisms and practices — which constitutes the Body of Knowl-edge of a discipline — has not been captured anywhere, and is onlypartially covered by the SE Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK). Withthe goals of characterizing the contents of the MBSE discipline,promoting a consistent view of it worldwide, clarifying its scopewith regard to other SE disciplines, and defining a foundation for acurriculum development on MBSE, this paper provides a proposalfor an extension of the contents of SWEBOK with the set of funda-mental concepts, terms and mechanisms that should constitute the MBSE Body of Knowledge.

Towards a Body of Knowledge for Model-Based Software Engineering