M. Fleck, J. Troya, M. Wimmer: The Class Responsibility Assignment Case, 9th Transformation Tool Contest (TTC 2016), Wien, 08.07.2016, in Proceedings of the 9th Transformation Tool Contest (TTC 2016)", (2016), S. 1 - 10. pdf

The Class Responsibility Assignment CaseMartin FleckBusiness Informatics GroupTU Wien, Austriafleck@big.tuwien.ac.atJavier TroyaISA Research GroupUniversidad de Sevilla, Spainjtroya@us.esManuel WimmerBusiness Informatics GroupTU Wien, Austriawimmer@big.tuwien.ac.atAbstractThis paper describes a case study for the ninth Transformation Tool Con-test (TTC’16)1. The case is aimed at the production of high-quality designsfor object-oriented systems and presents the problem of finding a good classdiagram for a given set of methods and attributes with functional and datarelationships among them. In order to obtain such a class diagram, dedicatedquality metrics that have been defined in the context of the class responsibil-ity assignment problem need to be optimized. Therefore, the focus of thiscase study is not on the definition of the necessary set of rules, but rather onthe orchestration of such rules in order to find the optimal class diagrams.The evaluation of the produced transformation is driven by the quality of theproduced models, the complexity of the rule orchestration as well as by theflexibility of the solution and its performance.

The Class Responsibility Assignment Case