Quality Models, Quality Evaluation Methods, Tools and Quality Dashboards

This research area focuses on measuring the quality of artifacts developed during a software project with an emphasis on source code and software documentation. We are primarily interested in the quality of the prodcuts per se, not on the quality of the processes that deliver these products. Testing, which is an important area of research in the context of Software Quality is currently not considered. We focus on the following topics:

  • Definition of operational quality models for measuring the quality of code, of documentation, of object-oriented design, etc. Operational in this context means that the quality model does not only define and structure quality characteristics but also provides concrete measures for the specified qualtiy attributes of the respective quality model.
  • Development of quality assessment methods that allow to assess the quality of artifaces based on operational quality models and supported by respective tools.
  • Development of tools for measuring quality (e.g., tools for measuring design quality) and for analysing and documenting measurement and assessment results.
  • Development of plugins for easy integration of quality related data in software quality dashboards.
  • Validation of the developed models, methods and tools with an emphasis on finding out whether investments in software quality (in our understanding of the research area software quality) pay off or at least have a positive impact on the external quality (reduction of defects) or on the sustainability of software products.
Software Quality
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