A comprehensive review on approaches for software architecture knowledge management that have been developed by the research community over the last 10+ years.

Check out our latest literature review on approaches on software architecture knowledge management and their support for knowledge management activities. The review covers knowledge management approaches from 2004 to mid of 2015 and analyzes them in terms of their support for central architecture knowledge management activities, i.e., capturing, using, maintaining, sharing, and reuse of architectural knowledge, along with presenting the evidence provided for this support.

We found that most of the developed approaches focus on applying already-captured knowledge. Knowledge application (using) is also the best-validated activity. The problem of efficient capturing is still not sufficiently addressed, and only a few approaches specifically address reuse, sharing, and, especially, maintaining.

The full article is available free of charge until 25.11.2016 from Elsevier at http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1Tqqq3O8rCGzUB. Otherwise the article can be directly requested from the authors either per email or through ResearchGate.

R. Weinreich, I. Groher: Software architecture knowledge management approaches and their support for knowledge management activities: A systematic literature review, Information and Software Technology, Volume 80, pp. 265-286, Elsevier, December 2016. doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2016.09.007.

This work has been performed as part of the Software Architecture Knowledge Management (SAKM) project.

Software Architecture Knowledge Management Approaches