V. Christian, A. Ferscha, W. Narzt, G. Pomberger, D. Kolb, R. Müller, J. Wiegardt, H. Hörtner, Ch. Lindinger, Smart Roads in the Pervasive Computing Landscape, 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Published in: Advances in Pervasive Computing, Austrian Computer Society (OCG) (Hrsg.), ISBN: 3-85403-176-9, pp: 393-396, Vienna, Austria, April 18-23, 2004.

Physical objects capable of supplying computing services to users by utilizing hidden pervasive computing technologies are considered to be smart. Allowing not only a physical correspondence of object and enabling technology but also a logical one substantially increases the set of real objects to be considered as smart. This paper presents an innovative thought model of virtually smart things, i.e., objects in the real world not physically equipped with sensory gadgets or interaction facilities, but also being aware of their surrounding environment by their virtual representation. The main focus of the following sections concentrates on a Smart Road, a fully implemented use-case, telling its users where to go.

Smart Roads in the Pervasive Computing Landscape