A. Stritzinger: Smallkit - A Slim Application Framework, Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, Vol. 4, No. 6, SIGS Publications, New York 1991.

Application frameworks present advantages in programming complex interactive applications, but also have associated problems. In order to defuse such problems, we introduce the design and implementation of a new framework-Smallkit. Smallkit was implemented in Smalltalk-V(tm) on an Apple(tm) Macintosh(tm) utilizing the Mac toolbox. Smallkit’s distinction results from its very clean and concise architecture, which was designed to shorten the learning phase for the programmer considerably. Although Smallkit has far less building blocks than comparable products, its built-in functionality compares well to other frameworks and its potential functionality is as flexible. The paper is rounded off with a brief overview of related work.

Smallkit – A Slim Application Framework