J. H. Fröhlich, H. Vogel: SilkPerforfer`s COM Support, Part II, segue@work, January 2001.

In the December issue of segue@work we used two simple test applications to provide an overview of SilkPerformer’s new COM support. Of course in the real world, COM applications are much more complicated than these samples. Nevertheless, in this article we will again use the person management sample, as it is well suited to a discussion of the important features of SilkPerformer and COM in isolation. We’ll take a closer look at the BDL scripts that the recorder generates for two test cases; this time, however, the scripts are a bit more realistic. In the first test case, the user adds a new person to the server’s database; in the second test case, the user queries for data about a specific person. By discussing these cases you should gain a deeper understanding of what happens at the COM interface. This knowledge will help you customize even larger BDL scripts for setting up load tests that push real world COM servers to their limits. And that is, ultimately, what load testing is all about.

SilkPerforfer`s COM Support, Part II