Call for reviewers for microservices decision models. Any feedback using our review system is highly appreciated. Both practitioners and academics are highly welcome to contribute.

Dear Colleagues,

We have developed a set of models for supporting microservice decision making, partly with industry partners. The models cover different areas of microservice design, such as service discovery, deployment, or fault tolerance. We would now like to get feedback on these models from a broader community. We have developed a web-based toolkit, which you can use to study the developed models and also for providing feedback.

You may find this toolkit at

You may register yourself as a reviewer, select your models of interest, start and interrupt reviews at any time, and also finally get the results from our study. We value your input, but we are also aware that time is a valuable and limited resource. For this reason, we would be also very pleased if you review just a few models that are within your area of interest or even just a single one.

We would also be thankful if you could forward this email to other people with interest and expertise in the area of microservices.

Best Regards

Stefan Haselböck and Rainer Weinreich

Study on Microservice Decision Making