D. Tuncel, Ch. Körner, R. Plösch: Questionnaire Development for a Scientifically Founded Agile Assessment Model, Conference of the 31st International Workshop on Software Measurement (IWSM) and the 16th International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement (MENSURA), Cesme, Izmir, Turkey, September 28-30, 2022. pdf

Agile software development methodologies have been a focal point of industry and academia over the past two decades. Organizations are interested in extracting the value of agile methodologies and increasing their business success, however, it is evident that merely applying agile practices does not necessarily make organizations agile. We are building a context agnostic agile assessment model based on agile values and principles to enable contextually appropriate self-assessments, and support organizations’ agile transformation endeavors. In this paper, we share the results of our expert interviews with the focus on two principle pillars: Human Centricity and Technical Excellence. Results of this study show that the proposed assessment questionnaire appropriately addresses highly relevant aspects of agility. It is found practically useful by the experts, yet the coverage of human centricity targeted questions can be improved.

Questionnaire Development for a Scientifically Founded Agile Assessment Model