C. Breu, N. Meckl, J. Sametinger: Project-Based Training PBT - an Addition to CBT and WBT, International Conference on Computer and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE 2002), Cancun, Mexico, May 20-22, 2002.

Computers and the World-Wide-Web have influenced many aspects of every-day-life. New forms for many activities have emerged, like communicating or doing business. Distance learning, eLearning, computer-based training, and web-based training are new terms for new forms of learning based on new technologies. In this paper we will introduce facets of electronic learning and present our approach of project-based training. This approach is based on a web-based project management platform that we had used earlier for projects with a digital photography agency and a middle-class marketing agency. We have extended this platform for use as a learning environment and are now able to comfortably administer lectures and lecture projects.

Keywords: eLearning, distance learning, computer-based training, web-based training, project- based training


Project-Based Training PBT – an Addition to CBT and WBT