R. Maier, J. Sametinger: Profiles for Convenient Front-end Privacy, SEKE 2013, 25th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Boston USA, June 27-29, 2013.

Privacy can be described as the state of being unaccompanied or unobserved without unauthorized intrusion. We define front-end privacy as privacy when accessing data from a device, e.g., when working jointly on a computer. This is a matter of visibility with the problem that information can get directly disclosed. In this paper, we will define kinds of information that we want to consider for not being disclosed or for being hidden on the screen. Starting from typical knowledge situations we will categorize what we call front-end situations and define risk levels. We then introduce spheres and profiles as a means to effectively and conveniently ensure front-end privacy. Usability and implementation considerations wrap up our approach to tackle this neglected form of privacy.


Profiles for Convenient Front-end Privacy