L. Lucio, M. Amrani, J. Dingel, L. Lambers, R. Salay, G. Selim, E. Syriani, M. Wimmer: Model transformation intents and their properties, Software and Systems Modeling, Online First (2014), TBD, pages 1 - 38. doi: 10.1007/s10270-014-0429-x

The notion of model transformation intent is proposed to capture the purpose of a transformation. In this paper, a framework for the description of model transformation intents is defined, which includes, for instance, a description of properties a model transformation has to satisfy to qualify as a suitable realization of an intent. Several common model transformation intents are identified, and the framework is used to describe six of them in detail. A case study from the automotive industry is used to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed framework for identifying crucial properties of model transformations with different intents and to illustrate the wide variety of model transformation intents that an industrial model-driven software development process typically encompasses.

Model transformation intents and their properties