This quick user's guide is intended to get a quick overview of the basic functionality of the microservice dashboard. A downloadable document with some sample usage scenarios and more detailed information is available at the end of this post.


  • After logging in the default dashboard view is presented (system overview)
  • Dashboard views (short dashboards) can be switched by clicking on the dashboard name and selecting another dashboard from the dropdown menu.
  • The dashboard menu contains a number of preconfigured dashboards for particular kinds of information (e.g., runtime information), services (e.g., sales service), use cases (e.g., service comparison). These preconfigured dashboards can only be viewed but not edited by the demo user.
  • A demo dashboard is included, which is editable and can be used as playground. The size and position of the elements of this dashboard can be changed and new visualisation components (widgets) can be added to this dashboard. Additionally, new dashboard views can be created by the demo user, which are also editable (see below).
  • Dashboards can be preconfigured to show information about one or more services, for a specific period of time, and about particular service versions. This is also illustrated in the preconfigured dashboards available for the demo user. However, parameters like the service whose data is presented and the time interval for the presented data can also be changed within a dashboard and even for each individual visualization component.

Dashboard operations

  • New dashboards can be created with the dashboard menu available top right in each dashboard view.
  • This menu can also be used for other dashboard related operations. For example, one of the existing dashboards can be copied and the copy can be modified afterwards by choosing the “Copy Dashboard” command
  • New widgets can be added to a dashboard (if it is not view-only) using the “Add Widget to Dashboard” menu entry
  • Using “Dashboard parameters” global parameters (like the service or time intervals used by the widgets of the dashboard) can be changed. Parameters can also be changed for each individual widget by double clicking on a widget.

A more detailed user’s guide with some usage scenarios is available here (pdf download).

Microservice Dashboard Quick User’s Guide