J. H. Fröhlich, H. Vogel: Load testing Active Data Objects with SilkPerformer, segue@work, June 2001.

In the January issue of this newsletter we took a closer look at the BDL scripts that SilkPerformer’s recorder generates for two typical cases of the person management application. This sample first appeared with SilkPerformer 4.1 and also accompanies the new SilkPerformer 4.5 release. Though it is well suited to demonstrate the fundamental features of both COM and SilkPerformer’s COM support, the person management sample is still rather simple. In this issue, we will put this sample aside and move on to a virtual real world ADO (ActiveX Data Object) application. ADO simply consists of a layer of COM objects gathered around different kinds of data sources. Through this abstraction layer, ADO considerably simplifies access to data, which is mainly stored in relational databases and spreadsheets. Since ADO is widely used, especially in IIS / ASP (Internet Information Server / Active Server Pages), this article provides solutions for some common problems that you may encounter when you (1) record ADO clients configured to run in sophisticated applications like IIS and, (2) customize the test scripts that the recorder generates.

Load testing Active Data Objects with SilkPerformer