B. Wally, C. Huemer, A. Mazak, M. Wimmer: IEC 62264-2 for AutomationML, 5th AutomationML User Conference, Göteborg, Schweden, 24.-25.10.2018, pages 1-7. paper

IEC 62264-2 and AutomationML can co-exist as separate views on the same production system; the former with a slight bias towards the upper levels, the latter slightly biased towards the lower levels of the automation hierarchy. Still, there is quite some semantic and structural overlap between IEC 62264-2 and AutomationML. Therefore, a semantic and structural alignment of their entities on a metamodel and a model level seems approrpate. In this work, we will present such an alignment together with two combinable methods for integration: (i) tagging AutomationML elements with IEC 62264-2 roles and (ii) referencing external IEC 62264-2 data.

IEC 62264-2 for AutomationML