A. Pierantonio, F. Ciccozzi, M. Famelis, G. Kappel, L. Lambers, S. Mosser, R. Paige, A. Rensink, R. Salay, G. Taentzer, A. Vallecillo, M. Wimmer: How do we teach Modelling and Model-Driven Engineering? A survey, 14th Educators Symposium at MODELS, Copenhagen, Denmark; 15.10.2018; in Proceedings of the 14th Educators Symposium at MODELS", CEUR, (2018), pages 1 - 8. document

Understanding the experiences of instructors teaching modellingand model-driven engineering is of great relevance to determininghow MDE courses should be managed in terms of content, assess-ment, and teaching methods. In this paper, we report the results ofa survey of 47 instructors in this field. Questions address coursecontent, tools and technologies used, as well as positive and nega-tive factors affecting learning outcomes. We analyse the results andsummarise key findings with the potential of improving the state ofteaching and learning practices. The survey is a preliminary effortin giving a structured overview on the state-of-the-practice withinteaching modeling and model-driven engineering (from the point of view of the instructor).

How do we teach Modelling and Model-Driven Engineering? A survey