B. Buchberger, M. Affenzeller, A. Ferscha, M. Haller, T. Jebelean, E. P. Klement, P. Paule, G. Pomberger, W. Schreiner, R. Stubenrauch, R. Wagner, G. Weiß, W. Windsteiger (Eds.): Hagenberg Research, Springer, Berlin, 2009, ISBN 3642021263.

Hagenberg Research: Introduction.- 1) Algorithms in Symbolic Computation – 2) Automated Reasoning – 3) Metaheuristic Optimization – 4) Software Engineering — Processes and Tools – 5) Data-Driven and Knowledge-Based Modeling – 6) Information and Semantics in Databases and on the Web – 7) Parallel, Distributed, and Grid Computing – 8) Pervasive Computing – 9) Interactive Displays and Next-Generation Interfaces.- Index, List of Editors and Authors.

Hagenberg Research