D. Lehner, S. Vamberszky, K. Lieber, D. Siegl: Git-based Model Management for Quality Monitoring of Systems Engineering Models, 32nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS2022), Detroit, MI, USA June 25-30,2022. Doi: 10.1002/iis2.12983

The management of Systems Engineering Models is becoming a crucial requirement when developing complex systems. Particularly with the advance of agile MBSE, Systems Engineering Models evolve constantly. Therefore, for managing Systems Engineering Models, this evolution has to be supported, including concurrent work on one model. Therefore, Git-based solutions are emerging nowadays also in the Systems Engineering domain. Dedicated model differencing and conflict resolution approaches are provided by extensions of the base support of Git, which is mostly oriented to textual artefacts. However, the monitoring and management of the System Engineering Models hosted in Git repos-itories is still an open challenge. In this paper, we present a Git-based model management approach for monitoring the quality of Systems Engineering Models. We outline the architecture of the approach as well as the proposed Git-based model management approach and discuss the realization based on (details omitted for double-blind reviewing). In addition, we demonstrate the approach by a running example and outline future directives.


Git-based Model Management for Quality Monitoring of Systems Engineering Models