M. Wimmer: From Design-Time to Runtime and Back Again with Liquid Models, 2nd International Workshop on Model Driven Engineering for Design-Runtime Interaction in Complex Systems (MDE@DeRun 2019), co-located with STAF 2019, Eindhoven, Netherlands, July 15, 2019 pdf

Today, we recognize a discrepancy between design models concentrating on thedesired behaviour of a system and its real world correspondents reflecting devi-ations taking place at runtime. In order to close this gap, design models mustnot be static, but evolutionary artefacts so to speak liquid models. Such liquidmodels are the cornerstone of our research project CDL-MINT https://cdl-mint.se.jku.at/ which is about the model-based continuous evolution of cyber-physical systems based on operational data gathered and analysed at runtime.In my talk, I will present some initial results of this project, in particular theliquid models architecture for linking design models with runtime concerns. Iwill also elaborate on the proposed technologies for the respective architecturallayers and identify the research challenges ahead.

Keywords: liquid models, cyber-physical systems, desing time, runtime

From Design-Time to Runtime and Back Again with Liquid Models