W. Pree, Framework Development and Reuse Support, M. Burnett, A. Goldberg, T. Lewis (Eds.): Visual Object-Oriented Programming: Concepts and Environments, Manning Publications and Prentice Hall Inc., 1995.

Although object-oriented programming techniques have evolved into an accepted technology with recognized benefits for software development, conventional text-based programming languages together with state-of-the-art browsing tools seem to bei insufficient for a software engineer to cope with the complexity of class libraries, especially application frameworks. Both visualization techniques and visual programming seem appropriate to partially overcome these shortcomings of object-oriented programming. Software development based on an application framework requires learning its high-level language. This contribution discusses concepts and corresponding tools to support the learning of such a language: a design book visualizes the design of an application framework; an active cookbook guides the programmer through typical adaptation steps.

Framework Development and Reuse Support