R. Plösch: Efficient Assessment of Requirements Management Tools, Proceedings of 4to. Workshop Iberoamericano de Engenharia de Requisitos e Ambientes de Software (IDEAS 2001), Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Centro de Información Tecnológica, Serie manuales didácticos, no. 11, 2001.

Requirements management is a crucial task to ensure the quality of a software product. A number of best practices can guide us towards better requirements management. Nevertheless, specialized tool support beyond word processors is desirable to perform these management tasks economically and consistently. Unfortunately no defined procedures or systematic criteria catalogs are available to facilitate the selection process. We therefore developed a customizable selection process as well as a customizable criteria catalog for assessing and selecting requirements management tools. The emphasis of the criteria selected is on attributes that are crucial in an evolutionary software development context. Based on our experience in applying the criteria catalog, we believe that requirements management tools, combined with the proposed selection process, can be selected more efficiently and more appropriately to the needs of the organization.

Efficient Assessment of Requirements Management Tools