E. Bousse, T. Mayerhofer, M. Wimmer: Domain-Level Debugging for Compiled DSLs with the GEMOC Studio (Tool Demo), 1st International Workshop on Debugging in Model-Driven Engineering (MDEbug 2017), Austin, 17.09.2017, in Proceedings of MODELS 2017 Satellite Event, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-2019 (2017), ISSN: 1613-0073, pages 457 - 459. pdf

Executable Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) are commonly defined with either operational semantics (i.e., interpretation) or translational semantics (i.e., compilation). An interpreted DSL relies on domain concepts to specify the possible execution states and steps of conforming models, which facilitates the observation and control of the execution using the very same domain concepts. In contrast, a compiled DSL relies on a transformation to an arbitrarily different executable target language, which creates a conceptual and technical gap between the considered domain and the target domain. In this tool demonstration paper, we present the implementation of our approach to supplement a compiled DSL with a feedback manager, which during execution translates execution steps and states of the target model back to the source domain. This enables the development and use of tools such as an omniscient debugger and a trace constructor for debugging compiled models. Our implementation was achieved for the GEMOC Studio,

Domain-Level Debugging for Compiled DSLs with the GEMOC Studio (Tool Demo)