A. Mazak-Huemer, G. Goger, A. Bender: Die "Neue Österreichische Tunnelbaumethode" im Lichte der Digitalisierung", Bauingenieur - Organzeitschrift der VDI-Gesellschaft Bautechnik, 97 (2022), Heft 05, pages 131-140. Doi:10.37544/0005-6650-2022-05-33

In cyclic tunneling, the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) represents a construction method steeped in history and established worldwide. lts comprehensive concept has been adapted as the state of the art and has been consistently progressed. Therefore, it is still valid. In the current underground construction industry, digitalization represents a significant evolutionary step which also has an effect on the tradition-rich NATM. Despite the expansion of underground construction operations With digital applications and new technologies, the human factor has to keep its importance in the domain. In this context, the authors present a first comprehensive outline for digitalizing the NATM. In this paper, possible digitalization measures for conventional tunneling are presented. Finally, digital technologies are assessed for the NATM With regard to their application potential and future prospects.



Die “Neue Österreichische Tunnelbaumethode” im Lichte der Digitalisierung