W. Pree, Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Software Development, Addison Wesley/ACM Press: Reading, Massachusetts, 1995; Japanische Übersetzung 1996, ISBN 0201422948.

This book describes pure abstraction-based object-oriented software development which is the design and usage of semi-finished reusable components and subsystems which are based on abstractions of the real world. It starts with an introduction to abstraction-based object-oriented software development. The main chapters discuss in detail the current state of the art in design patterns emphasizing the approach called meta patterns, describes patterns on a high abstraction level, ignoring language-specific and domain dependent details. As the design pattern approach complements currently available design methods, its possible combination with these methods, as well as its integration into tools, is examined. Finally, examples demonstrate how the meta pattern approach can be applied in the realm of the GUI application framework ET++, which supports GUI development in C++ on several UNIX platforms.

Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Software Development