H. Prähofer, J. Sametinger, A. Stritzinger: Component Frameworks: A Case Study, Proceedings of TOOLS 30 conference, Santa Barbara, USA, IEEE Society Press, 1999.
DOI: 10.1109/tools.1999.787544

This paper reports on an effort to use both the system theoretic DEVS (discrete event simulation) formalism and the JavaBeans component model as a basis for a component-based discrete event simulation framework. The result of the synergism of DEVS and JavaBeans is a powerful component-based simulation framework together with a set of flexible bean components for building simulation systems. Component frameworks are dedicated and focused architectures with a set of policies for mechanisms at the component level. In this paper we describe the component framework we have developed for discrete event simulations. Simulation components are based on this framework and can be composed for the creation of various simulation scenarios.


Component Frameworks: A Case Study