Development of innovative, networked concepts for optimizing logistics processes following the paradigm of the "Physical Internet".

The so-called Physical Internet forms the base for the transport of the future, when material will flow analogous to data in the digital interent. A global and open logistics system is based on physical, digital and operative connectivity. Participants follow standardized protocols and use specific interfaces and modules. In the project ATROPINE Upper Austrian reserachers and industry partners join forces to design a Physical Internet model region.

Material will flow like data: the Physical Internet is a global and open logistics system. It would be based on a physical, digital and operative interconnectivity respecting certain protocols, interfaces and modules. One goal is to broaden the geografical export radius: researchers therefore develop a new system design for moving physical objects worldwide. At the same time the system would be highly sustainable and more efficient in regard of ecological and social impacts.

This Physical Internet network redesigns the whole logistics process – from smart production, over the way goods are packed and stored to all dimensions of the material and data flow.

2016 – 2018

Logistikum Steyr (Consortial Lead), FH Hagenberg, RISC Software GmbH, VNL (Verein Netzwerk Logistik), Barcotec, Hofer, Select Versicherungsberatung, Eurotrans, Knapp AG, Lenze Operations Austria, Quehenberger, Schneckenreither, Delfort Group, WKOÖ, IV Oberösterreich, SHI Consulting, Vetropack, SAP

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ATROPINE – Fast Track to the Physical Internet