K. Altmanninger, G. Kappel, A. Kusel, W. Retschitzegger, M. Seidl, W. Schwinger, M. Wimmer: AMOR - Towards Adaptable Model Versioning, 1st International Workshop on Model Co-Evolution and Consistency Management, Toulouse, Frankreich; 30.09.2008, in 1st Int. Workshop on Model Co-Evolution and Consistency Management, in conjunction with Models'08, (2008), pages 7. pdf

The development of complex software systems requires appropriate abstraction mechanisms in terms of model-driven engineering techniques (MDE) and proper support for allowing developers to work in parallel in terms of version control systems (VCSs). For realizing the vision of MDE, a bundle of standards has been made available recently, whereas the versioning of models has not gained the necessary attention yet, although being of paramount importance for the success of MDE in practice.
In this paper, we propose a first vision of AMOR (Adaptable Model Versioning) to leverage version control in the area of MDE. The innovations of AMOR are threefold. Firstly, AMOR supports precise conflict detection, i.e., previously undetected as well as wrongly indicated conflicts shall be avoided.
Secondly, AMOR focuses on intelligent conflict resolution by providing techniques for the representation of conflicting modifications as well as suggesting proper resolution strategies. Thirdly, AMOR targets an adaptable versioning framework, empowering modelers to flexibly balance between reasonable adaptation effort and proper versioning support while ensuring generic applicability to various domain-specific modeling languages and associated tools.

AMOR – Towards Adaptable Model Versioning