H. Govindasamy, R. Jayaraman, B. Taspinar, D. Lehner, M. Wimmer: Air Quality Management: An Exemplar for Model-Driven Digital Twin Engineering, First International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Digital Twins, ModDiT’21 co-located with MODELS 2021, Fukuoka, Japan, October 10-15, 2021. paper

Since its first mentioning in the literature, the concept of Digital Twin has gained traction in both industry and academia. However, there are still many open challenges when applying Digital Twins to industry-scale use cases. Applying Model-Driven Engineering techniques to the creation and maintenance of Digital Twins (also referred to as Model-Driven Digital Twin Engineering) promises automation and consistency throughout the life cycle of a Digital Twin. The exemplar provided in this paper can be used to identify open challenges when it comes to Model-Driven Digital Twin Engineering, and to demonstrate how approaches can solve them. This exemplar applies Digital Twins to an indoor air quality management use case, where CO2, temperature, and humidity values of rooms within a building are measured. These values can be used to derive actions to improve work productivity and reduce the risk for virus infections. We describe three applications that make use of this Digital Twin (i.e., runtime visualization, physical simulation, and ML-based predictions), and provide an online repository with the artefacts of this exemplar.

Air Quality Management: An Exemplar for Model-Driven Digital Twin Engineering