R. Plösch, H. Gruber, C. Körner, G. Pomberger, S. Schiffer: Adapting Quality Models for Assessments - Concepts and Tool Support, SQMB 2010 Workshop, held in conjunction with SE 2010 conference, Paderborn, Germany, February 22nd 2010, Technical Report TUM-I1001 of the Technical University Munich, February 2010.

Operational quality models, i.e., quality models that do not only structure and define quality by means of quality aspects but also contain a larger number of measures, facilitate quality measurement as the laborious task of defining measures can be omitted. An operational quality model often contains a large number of quality aspects and measures; therefore methodological support as well as tool support is necessary to adapt such a quality model to project-specific needs. Based on a general quality adaption framework we have developed a method for tailoring quality models. This method is supported by an accompanying tool. The application of the method and the tool in more than 40 projects proved the practicability of the approach. Nevertheless additional methodological support for deriving quality aspects or quality requirements from (business) goals would be desirable.

Adapting Quality Models for Assessments – Concepts and Tool Support