A. Schauerhuber, W. Schwinger, W. Retschitzegger, M. Wimmer, G. Kappel: A Survey on Web Modeling Approaches for Ubiquitous Web Applications, 2007, pages 45. pdf

Today’s web applications are full-fledged, complex software systems for which a methodologically sound engineering approach is crucial. Web engineering has emerged as an independent branch of software engineering and ”comprises the use of systematic and quantifiable approaches in order to accomplish the specification, implementation, operation, and maintenance of high quality web applications” [Kappel et al. 2006]. During the past 10 years, academia has provided various web modelling approaches, each aiming at counteracting a technology-driven and ad hoc development of web applications. These web modeling approaches originally have emerged as proprietary languages rather focused on notational aspects. As the types of web applications have evolved over time so have the web modeling approaches come up with appropriate concepts for them.

A Survey on Web Modeling Approaches for Ubiquitous Web Applications