J. Sametinger, G. Pomberger, A Hypertext System for Literate C++ Programming, Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, Vol. 4, No. 8, pp. 24-29, SIGS Publications, New York, January 1992.

Programs are written to be executed by computers rather than to be read by humans. This complicates program comprehension, which plays a major role in software maintenance. Literate programming is an approach to improve program understanding by regarding programs as works of literature (see [Knu84]). In this paper we present a tool that supports literate programming with the object-oriented programming language C++. The tool is based on a hypertext system which has been developed to support program comprehension and, thus, software maintenance.
An introduction of the basic hypertext system is followed by a presentation of the global structure of the documentation. Afterwards, the user interface of the tool, its use and a sample documentation are given. Some implementation aspects conclude the presentation.


A Hypertext System for Literate C++ Programming