R. Plösch, G. Pomberger: A Goal-Based Approach for Gathering Quality Requirements, in: N. Seyff, A. Koziolek (ed.), Modelling and Quality in Requirements Engineering, Verlagshaus Monsenstein u. Vannerdat, Münster, 2012.

Determining the quality of a software product involves checking the fulfillment of functional and quality requirements. However, specifying useful and testable quality requirements is a challenge. Many existing approaches focus on collecting testable quality requirements, but often neglect the specification of respective test criteria. We present an approach that focuses on collecting testable quality requirements with goals as initial input. Identifying obstacles that obstruct goals helps to close the gaps between goals and testable quality requirements and enhances quality models. Our approach contributes to sharing and reusing common quality requirements by facilitating their specification based on a quality model. Initial application of our approach shows that it leads to quality requirements with clear criteria for testability.

A Goal-Based Approach for Gathering Quality Requirements