M. Wimmer: Search-based Model Transformation Analysis, 4th Workshop on the Analysis of Model Transformations (AMT) @ MODELS 2015, 28.9.2015, Ottawa, Canada. program

Huge efforts have been invested in the last decade concerning the establishment of dedicated analysis methods and techniques for model transformations. The analysis of general properties such as termination and confluence as well as specific properties defined for one particular transformation have been studied for different transformation kinds and languages. In addition, several ilities have been explored such as extensibility and maintainability of model transformations. What most transformation analyses have in common is that they consider the transformation specifications as their primary source. However, as I will show in my presentation, methods and techniques deployed for analysing potential transformation executions at runtime are needed as well. As transformation executions quickly span huge transformation spaces, I will show how to effectively analyse and guide transformation executions towards fulfilling multiple, potentially conflicting transformation goals by employing search-based techniques.

Search-based Model Transformation Analysis